Bk Series

Safe, versatile custom-made automation for intensive multi-user and public entrances

  • 1200 kg / 1800 kg / 2200 kg
  • innovative encoder for constant control of the gate’s run
  • total passage control: the automation system can be connected to various control systems to identify, memorise and allow entry or exit exclusively to authorised personnel
  • complete safety at each opening or closing command: prior to activating the motor, the electric panel executes a complete autotest of all connected safety devices
  • remote control receiver already incorporated; all that is needed is the card for the desired frequency
  • fastening and control system within the automation is tamper-proof
  • STOP and PARTIAL OPENING commands available from radio transmitter
  • light connection to illuminate driveway on opening
  • control boards hermetically isolated from motor to further protect from external agents
  • convenient unlocking key facilitates manual opening
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Electrical Supply

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Output Capacity

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Protection Level

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Duty Cycle

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Operating Conditions

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Motor Thrust

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Manoeuvre Speed

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Maximum Gate Weight

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