Frog is the most efficient and desirable solution for any type of swing gate, the best way to automate a gate without altering its shape and design

  • 3.5 m
  • sturdy and quiet
  • permanent fluid grease lubrication
  • reduction gear is electromechanical to ensure smooth, precise and safe movement over time, with no need for periodic maintenance
  • watertight (IP67, NEMA 6) for uninterrupted operation even under severe rain
  • set during gate installation, the operator is mounted at a later time ensuring correct installation and cost efficiency
  • anti-corrosive and resistant to the elements
  • stainless steel (FROG-B) version also available for extreme applications
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Electrical Supply

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Output Capacity

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Protection Level

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Duty Cycle

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Motor Protection

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Maximum Torque

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Opening Time

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Operating Temperature‚Äč

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